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Davyd Farrell
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Hi Everyone and welcome to the group for the wider QPW Tribe. As you will have realised QPW is still in its infancy as we grow the platform and its offerings. Some of you may be familiar with some aspects from our sister site - but QPW has a different focus - its our New Earth Vision platform.

This discussion group hasn't been really utilised yet but will be soon.

As a starting point though - we'd love you all to share any interesting projects, concepts, teaching modalities that you think fit the New Earth/Quantum profile.

We can then reach out to those people and see if they would like to share here on QPW.

We are currently planning new talks, interviews, courses and more but it all takes time and these are challenging and chaotic moments in the collective so finding the right touching points with people is a little more tricky than it used to be... but as always we trust that everything will flow as divinely planned.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Becca, LightMySoul London
Jeanie Chan
Val Motherherbs


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