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#6: The Pegasus


The Stellar Nation of the Pegasus Méoylá Honta Éon The Pegasus aspects of ourselves are Messengers. What messages are we impelled to share as Pegasus souls? Our impetus here comes from the Divine Mind. The Pegasus stellar worlds exist in a galactic space known as the Ethereal Ocean of Light that is between the 5th and 7th dimensions. So, these stellar worlds are closer to the whisperings of the Divine Mind, and different messages and “assignments” that we are asked to carry out are transmitted here. Our Pegasus soul aspects are asked to deliver the “Living News”, the Truth of Light. They deliver the assigned messages in many ways, with the purpose of connecting the multitudes of worlds that have separated from Oneness. Thus, as they travel to the varying life scenes set up by the different Stellar Nations, Pegasus souls create special golden bridges and threads of Light. These threads become cosmic ethereal meridians through which the scattered and disunited individualized parts of the Universal One can realize themselves as being connected to something larger. The aim is to eventually smooth the disunited worlds into one gigantic Light-body. To carry out their mission, the Pegasus aspects of our souls are able to be very fluid and plasticine which enables them to appear in the guise of the worlds they enter. And the Nation is gifted with the privilege of having access to the secret and very sacred keys of the dimensional passages. Live August 17th


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