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#11: Cosmic Arthropods


The Arthropod Soul Family, which is part of all of us in some way, is tasked with supervising and controlling how the creative processes work and unfold at different points of the galaxy. Note the word “Akashi” in the stellar name for this Nation. Yes, it refers to “Akashic”. Akashic records are an energetic library of information that contain the details of our soul and its journey through incarnations. And that is what the Arthropod is doing…collecting information so that actual happenings are recorded. To do this they were given very specific technologies and instruments. This collection of information is multi-purposed:  It provides feedback to the Creator, to Source.  It provides a Life Film from the recorded multilayered events, which offers an objective individual, planetary, and stellar history that are then contained in the Book of Life.  Our individual Life Film is the foundation for the Chamber of Mirrors that we meet at death. The inherent objectivity of these Mirrors does not allow us to repaint or rewrite the events in our life. This objective review can help us move beyond the limited perspective of our personality.  This recording provides a sense of past, present, and future in the third dimension. This time structure has allowed us to create memories which serve as reference points that help us develop.


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