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#7: Female Serpent


The Stellar Nation of the Serpents has a Female line and a Male line. We can consider the Female Serpent part of us to be a manifestation of the Goddess. The female Serpent pathway is a healing one. The main key to realizing the healing mystery offered by the Goddess lies in understanding that according to her wisdom, all pain is created by the illusion of separateness, the feeling of having lost contact with Higher Reality. This stellar pathway shows us the ways the Goddess heals and gives life. But the exclusion and despoiling of the feminine also caused the Goddess, and this part of us, to suffer many profound wounds--wounds of rejection, disrespect, marginalization, and attempted annihilation. The Goddess finally forced a reckoning by creating the antipole of her life-sustaining nurturance and vitality. She declared, “Enough! Let Creation realize what happens when I withdraw my ever-flowing sustenance”. And so, she created the pathway of Death, the trials and tribulations that necessitate looking at the deep inner shadows caused by feeling excluded and separate from a Higher Reality. She asks us to let go, to let die, the thoughts, values, things, relationships, or anything that we use to shield ourselves from further wounding. On this stellar pathway, we see the healing and life-giving nature of the Goddess and we are also shown the nature of our wounding and how to confront this with deep and honest self-examination. Live August 30th


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