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#1: The Unicorn Nation

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The Stellar Nation of the Unicorns - Step into the world of miracles! “Unicorn Souls” carry out the creative processes of the Divine Dream. They are the messengers of Creation. They are the beings who take care of the seeds of ideas that wish to be born and manifested. They connect ideas with the Source that nurtures them into life, through which the sparks of dreams can be manifested. They do this with the Creator’s dreams and with the dreams of each individual being as well; and also with the extensive collective dreams on the global, stellar, and planetary levels. This first journey will allow you to start identifying which of the fixed stars attached to this nation are part of your own fixed star soul journey. It will be useful to have a print off of your own astrology as Leslie will be giving the degrees and orbs of each of this nation's stars


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Stellar Nations

Stellar Nations

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