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#12: The Birds


The Stellar Nation of the Birds was a gift from the Creator to the Cosmic Humans. The Bird Nation serves as Messengers that deeply support human life in several different ways. Firstly, they are Messengers of invisible higher interplanetary communication. There are 33 planets in the Milky Way Galaxy inhabited by humans. The stellar beings of the Birds complete their visits between these planets, delivering information from one to another. This is relevant as each planet is coded differently by the Divine Mind and the humans carry out their lives on these planets as prompted by that coding. For example, 12 planets are yin/feminine oriented, 12 are yang/masculine oriented and 9 ask the human inhabitants to balance the masculine and feminine. The Divine Coding in some planets only asks that the humans, as Universal Chalices of Life, express 2 or 3 Stellar Nations. Some planets are utopian, some are dystopian. Earth is the planet where humans are asked to balance the masculine and feminine and to integrate all 13 Stellar Nations to create balance and harmony, bringing all 13 Nations into unity. In carrying information between the planets and around our planet, the Birds nourish the geomagnetic field by their flights and heal the Earth.


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Stellar Nations

Stellar Nations

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