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#15: The Stellar Nation of The Holy Spirit


The universal quantum field is the Light Body of the Holy Spirit. The space that is seemingly empty around us is filled with wonderful divine intelligence and wisdom, which can lead us back into our own completeness, back into the deep sense of unity and oneness with Divine source, because the Holy Spirit is encoded for this. This is its primary mission and purpose, the essence of its existence. We can think of the Holy Spirit as a giant field that encompasses the entire universe, all the realities of Creation, visible and invisible. As a grandiose Light Body energy field encoded with consciousness sparks of Universal Intelligence, the Holy Spirit can resonate and connect with the personal consciousness field of individual beings, including every human. The only human sense organ that can apprehend the Holy Spirit is our Heart. When we are able to receive the Holy Spirit through our heart, we can step back into our original Divine Destiny and live consciously, letting ourselves be guided by Higher Divine Intelligence. We can know that the stars and planets are the cells of this beautiful Light Body. Live December 12th


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Stellar Nations

Stellar Nations

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