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#14: Whales


The Dolphins and Whales are both cetaceans, mammals living in the watery seas of the Earth in physical form. In Light Body form they dwell in the Sea of Light that exists as the Ethereal Ocean is a region of stars that span the 5th – 7th dimensions. Dolphins and Whales are part of the same soul family, and both are ever in contact with the Divine Mind, performing their Divinely given missions without losing their awareness of Source. However, they each have a different mission, and hence a different stellar pathway. Whales are healers in a different arena. Their healing has a Messenger aspect. They are assigned with keeping the morphogenetic fields of the different celestial bodies aligned with the Divine Plan for the given celestial body. Every planet and star is coded differently by the Divine Mind, and a supporting morphogenetic energy grid holds the given Divine Plan in place around the celestial body. However, these energy grids repeatedly break in places as the life existing on the planet or star often doesn’t act in resonance with the Divine Mind. This discrepancy frays parts of the energetic grid which need to be repaired, to sustain the life and consciousness on the planet. The Whales ‘sound’ the message of the Divine Plan into the planetary morphogenetic field and repair it by bringing it back into vibrational resonance with Divine intention. Live November 29th


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