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Los minerales y cristales se han utilizado durante mucho tiempo para ayudar a calmar y sanar el campo de energía. También se pueden trabajar con ellos de muchas otras maneras para ayudar a crear estructuras etéricas e incluso guardar y contener información. Hay muchas formas de trabajar con cristales y todo el tiempo se descubren nuevas y emocionantes piedras.

Aquí, en esta sección, queremos compartir cómo tener cristales en su vida, cómo cuidarlos y trabajar con ellos para la salud, la curación y la manifestación.

Interspecies Communications #2 With Horse Whisperer Catriona Macdonald & Davyd Farrell

Interspecies Communications #2 With Horse Whisperer Catriona Macdonald & Davyd Farrell

(*This was actually recorded before Davyd's accident) In this next edition of Interespecies Communication Davyd speaks to Catriona Macdonald. Horse Whisperer and co-founder of Imaginal Horse Circles Catriona has always felt most content when outside, surrounded by animals. She counts many animals both wild and supposedly domesticated, a good number of rocks, trees, flowers and the Nevern River amongst her family and neighbours. Since beginning to encounter the disconnection between humans and the more-than-human life in her animal osteopathy practice more than three decades ago, she began to uncover and develop a practical methodology for remembering her own kinship with life in its many forms. Sharing this with others is the work of her heart. After qualifying as an osteopath in 1989, her love for all beings feathered and furred, led her to the beginning of a movement that has brought holistic healthcare into the main stream of our connections with the animal kingdom. As a pioneer of cranial osteopathy with animals, with no direct teacher or peers, it was the animals that showed Catriona how to connect with the wild intelligence in the heart of this world. This was a process of developing our natural human intuitive and empathic ability, so that she would know not only what ailed her animal patients, but understand most fully how to help them. Establishing trust in the relationships with the animals when they had experienced trauma, became vital for the effectiveness of the therapeutic interventions she was offering. Bringing the animals and their human family into closer understanding was the longing at the heart of her work. Over the last 25 years Catriona has undertaken training in a variety of healing modalities and combined listening to the animals within the weaving of these different practices. It is this combination that has given rise to the methodology of connection that she shares with individuals and groups. Catriona is also an accredited Heart Math Institute trainer and a practitioner of Equine Facilitated Coaching, working as an enabler in the dialogue between humans and the horses as ‘way-showers’ in the remembering of kinship and the re-imagining of a new way of human being in our world.

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