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A Navigation Guide To Quantum Consciousness


‘A Galactic Atlas for New Earth’


In this brand new 13-part journey, QPW co-founders Bella Alvaran and Davyd Farrell will guide you through a series of chapters to show you how to manifest your heart's dream and start creating your New Earth life and vision.


Each chapter will cover a theme that forms part of a progressive journey and will take the form of a receivable video transmission that will give you all the tools you need to; 


  1. Create a road map to a new type of existence or way of being

  2. Inner-stand how to connect with your original life purpose

  3. Reconnect with your true self and live a fulfilled life 

  4. Contemplate why you chose your particular avatar self for this incarnation and how to integrate it as your primary self fully

  5. Assist in the evolutionary path of New Earth through the integration of your cosmic codes

  6. Access your true 5D Quantum self in a way that is based on non-duality and unconditional love

  7. Live life in the natural organic and fractal cycle of the Universe and in doing so align yourself with the Galactic center

  8. Work with quantum plant intelligence to bridge across realms of consciousness


Each chapter will initially be released every 13 days and will build on the previous one. These chapters can be accessed at any time regardless of when they are released and will create an easy-to-access library.


The 13 chapters when finished being transmitted will form a complete ’Navigation Guide to Quantum Consciousness, and Galactic Atlas to New Earth'


Each video will be shared in an easy to access pay per view way but will then be accessible for you at any time thereafter

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Using the format of a Voyage of Discovery this journey will;


  1. Assist you in learning new  tools that you will need to navigate your way to New Earth

  2. Indicate your star origins and how to navigate between those points of reference down here on Planet Earth

  3. Enable you to meet and work with Returning Goddess energy in this realm

  4. Expand your multi-dimensional nature exponentially and how to access it 

  5. Reconfigure your sense of time and space and in doing so create a new reality for yourself

  6.  Show you how to use both Mundane and your Natal astrology to access portals, jump points, alternative timelines, and other versions of yourself for deeper cosmic exploration of yourself and other realms 

  7. Offer you an alternative way to live with total flow...


The Quantum Compass is a regular show that releases every 13 days, both here on QPW and, on our YT/Rumble channels. This 13-chapter Navigation Guide can be worked in conjunction with that free-to-access show and also the 6-part course Mayan Time and Magic available here

This journey will help you how to make the transition to being a homo-luminescent cosmic human.

Chapter 1 - Aligning Your Compass releases on May 17th!

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Watch Here:

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