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Land Healing - The Sacred Art of Geomancy

Hosted On QPW

This incredible 6 module course will be led by world-renowned and respected Geomancer - Dr. Patrick MacManaway and supported by Quantum Plant Alchemists Davyd Farrell and Bella Alvaran.

Course Will Start On November 16th

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Course Outline

Being hosted on QPW this special course will give you the keys to understanding all the various aspects of Geomancy including how to;


  • Access the Keys to Grace

  • Read and work with Dragons, Elementals, and Nature Spirits

  • Work with vibrational communications in order to access key information

  • Identify and connect with Sacred Sites, Nodal Points, Portals, and Guardian Spirits

  • Design and work with Labyrinth energy

  • Identify and heal unhelpful energies, entities, and other traumas in the land 

In addition to the workshop presentations by Patrick which will be pre-recorded, there will also be additional commentary interviews to expand on the topics as well as a live Q&A for all participants to put their questions to Patrick, Davyd, and Bella.

This special series is different from the material offered on Quantum Plant Healing but works with the same principles. The use of the pendulum and/or kinesiology is a big part of connecting to other forms of intelligence in the landscape which can include plants and trees as well as elementals and other non-physical beings.

These 6 modules can all be accessed at any time and worked through at your own pace and leisure.

If you have already done some of the plant immersions or other protocols or workshops on QPH then this work will strongly build on that and give you the direct keys and protocols to not only energetically clean your own property but also work responsibly and respectfully in the wider landscape around you.

Keys to Grace
Physics of consciousness,

  • Entering and maintaining our zone of peak awareness and connectivity

  • Nature of grace state – cardiac coherence, performance zone, self-actualization

  • Nature and resonance of toroidal field

  • Quality of consciousness vs. content of mind – soul mind vs. body-mind functions

  • Qualities arising in the grace state – love, gratitude, peace, clarity, strength, courage, beauty

  • Physics of the golden ratio wave-form

  • Art and practice of blessing

Dragons, Elementals and Nature Spirits
Levels of interactive landscape consciousness – who’s who and what they get up to…

  • Dragons – pathways of flow in the toroidal field, personal and landscape both local and global – yin and yang chi – large and small

  • Nodal points and pathways

  • Use of nodal points as centers of energy and influence for people plants and animals

  • Geopathic stress

  • Elementals, earth water air fire, and ether

  • Nature and function of elemental consciousness

  • Interaction and co-operation potential

  • Nature spirits – many and various

  • Communication and cooperation potential

Vibrational Communications

  • Review of techniques to interact with the vibration realms, including dowsing, kinesiology, and telepathy

  • Range and spectrum of divination practices, from deep trance mediumship and astral projection, through dreaming and telepathy, through use of interactive tools from tarot and runes to scrying, to binary processes of dowsing and kinesiology – when and why to use different of those

  • Open and closed questions

  • Identifying and working with trusted spirit companions and helpers, angelic, ancestral, plant-animal, and others

Power Centers and Sacred Sites
Identifying, connecting, and working with site energies, guardian spirits, portals, boundaries, and pathways of connection

  • Nature of power centers, natural and human invoked

  • Earth energies present

  • Portals between vibrational realms

  • Pathways of connection out into the wider landscape

  • Historical use of power centers in their natural form

  • Attunements and enhancements for purpose and use – sacred geometry and harmonic resonance, astronomical alignments and influences, intention

  • Site guardian spirits, natural and invoked

  • Agricultural, social, and spiritual influences arising

The winding path that leads us straight to the divine…

  • Nature, history, and spread of labyrinths around the world

  • Different types of labyrinths from classical seven circuits to Roman and medieval

  • Purposes and uses of labyrinths, personal and collective, meditation and ritual

  • Creation and care of personal and community labyrinths

Things that go “bump” in the night –
Ghosts, entities, and demons, residual human energies both intentional and emotional – strategies for healing and refreshing the energies of place

  • A review of energies and entities that create disturbance, disruption, and incoherence

  • Personal, collective, and site disturbances

  • Sick and sad dragons, geopathic stress

  • Displaced or traumatized elementals and nature spirits

  • Earth-bound human souls

  • Intrusive, attached, and displaced entities many and various Demons

  • Practices of healing, freeing and clearing, renewal refreshment, and blessing

Course Will Start On November 16th

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Best Value

The Sacred Art of Geomancy



An incredible 6 module course led by world-renowned Geomancer - Dr. Patrick MacManaway!

Valid until canceled

Modules Include:

Keys to Grace

Dragons, elementals and nature spirits

Vibrational communications

Power centers and scared sites


Things that go “bump” in the night


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