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These teachings are powerful and unique, they invite you to a magical spiritual journey in the realm of the galactic myths, where the unicorns, angels, dragon warriors, winged lions, pegasus, dolphins, whales fairies, and elves, the messengers of the Christ Consciousness and other mythical beings come to life to help us understand our soul journey, undo karmic knots reconnect to our galactic heart and activate our galactic DNA.

Stellar Nations Journeys
Cosmic History Codes #4 - Total Solar Eclipse, Chiron Cazimi - April 8th With Leslie and Davyd

Cosmic History Codes #4 - Total Solar Eclipse, Chiron Cazimi - April 8th With Leslie and Davyd

In this brand new 4th edition of 'The Cosmic History Codes' Davyd Farrell teams up with his teacher and guide from the Stellar Nations pathway Leslie Shankman, to deliver an alternative cosmic reading of the Total Solar Eclipse and Chiron Cazimi at 19’46 degrees of Aries on April 8th 2024. Working with the Antares Codes and the astro chart of the day they take a reading on which stars and constellations are getting activated by this Eclipse/ Chiron Cazimi and the journey that mercury is taking through Aries starting on 27 degrees and retrograding back to 15 before moving forwards again passing over Chiron several times as it seeks to make us aware of the choices being communicated to us by the Sun and Chiron at this time. This episode takes in a number of stars including; - Baten Kaitos at 22’17 Aires - Acamar at 23’37 Aries - Alpheratz at 14’39 Aries - Dipha/Deneb Kaitos at 2’56 Aries and conjunct Venus on the Eclipse - Altais/Delta Draconis at 17’29 Aries - Andromeda Galaxy at 28’14 Aries + Leslie gives a very important background overview to how the cosmic story relates to what is happening here on Planet Earth right now in the run up to the Eclipse To learn more about Stellar Nations and to start the pathway - To view the various different bundles that the Stellar Nations pathways offers you - To view the dedicated SN YT channel - To join Bella’s Mayan Time and Magic course -


By the end of the journey, you will be able to recognize that these mystical beings are not only participants in our fairy tales and dreams, but they work within us as soul rays, invisible principles, mission codes, and destiny-shaping stellar forces, by which our lives are guided. It is the first time in the history of Planet Earth that this 7th-dimensional secret teaching of the Galactic Akashic Records may be revealed, in the mirror through which each human can recognize his or her primordial stellar roots on the levels of the body, soul, and spirit, and everyone can understand the highest motives of his or her existence. We can reconnect with the memory of the cosmic history of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, in the mirror of the thirteen Stellar Nations and more than 230 stars, to which the authors have created a personal stellar horoscope called Antares Code®, which is available on request, and which enables the wonderful teachings of the stars to be interpreted personally for the very first time now.

You are awaited by a completely new journey of discovery, something never experienced before - and the final destination is Your true Self!


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