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Mayan Time & Magic

Hosted On QPW

This incredible 6 module course will be led by Mayan cosmologist and Dream Weaver Bella Alvaran and supported by QPW

Course Will Start in March

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Course Outline

A guide to living, being and co-creating in alignment with the Cosmos and our Galactic Self

From the dawn of civilization, humankind has kept track of many different cycles; the moon, the days, the years, and the seasons, and indeed made many calendars to help us order our lives. There is currently a profound misconception, a distorted linear view of TIME, and a belief that 3D is the only dimension and reality. These distortions lead to an irregularity in our mind’s ability to create in a natural and fractal way. By changing our relationship with time, we change our perception of ourselves and the world. We journey through the Creation Story every 13 days, evolving and awakening in every cycle! This Course intends to assist in the process of evolution to becoming Cosmic Humans and co-creating with the Universe.




  1. History of Time and Ancient Calendars - March 26th


The fascinating study of cycles has been common through many ancient cultures, In this opening module we will go back in time many thousands of years to rediscover the interactions of humanity and time. We will visit cultures such as Sumeria, China, Egypt, and Meso-America amongst others to see how our ancestors tracked time in those ancient epochs, and how they organized those into calendars This journey will lead us to the Mayans' mastery of time, and their use of a series of calendars which are the most accurate found so far.

  2. Mayan Calendars, Cycles of time & The Long count - April 1st


Introduction to Sacred time and Cosmic vision. We will review other Mayan Calendars such as the HAAB, the Calendar Round, the Long Count, and of course the Tzolkin which will be the main focus of this course The Tzolkin is also known as the Sacred Round - the energetic system that nourishes and assists in the evolution of humankind and which we will explore more deeply in Module 4.

  3. Galactic and Planetary Influences - April 8th 


Besides the Sun and the Moon, the Mayans tracked the cycles of Venus with incredible accuracy, predicted eclipses, and could predict them even hundreds of years into the future. They also tracked the cycles of visible planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and their calendars observed and were connected to the precession cycle. Their connections to the stars and constellations are also aligned in their architecture especially the pyramids and other sacred sites.

  4. The Sacred Round or The Tzolkin, Archetypes, and Tones - April 14th


In this module we will explore the meaning of the kin otherwise known as seals or glyphs and we will learn how to integrate the numbering system of The Tzolkin, which consists of 260 different energies. The natural sacred calendar can enable a shift in consciousness and aid in our reconnection to our multidimensionality. By learning to use The Tzolkin we are being invited to become aligned with Natural Time and sacred geometry. When we learn to trust the evolution of time as it flows through us, we are allowing ourselves to live in complete connection with the COSMOS!

  5. Galactic Signature, Wavespells, and Oracles - April 21


In module 5 we will learn to read the energies of the day, your own Galactic Signature, and your personal Wavespell to get Galactivated! Through the use of the 13/20 Tzolkin calendar, we can then reconnect to the natural process of Cosmic Creation. Each day has a solar seal and a tone that creates the energy of the day or the galactic signature (which is the key to higher dimensions). These natural codes are a way of reconnecting us to our telepathic skills and our multidimensionality.

  6. Cosmology For The Modern Era, Manifestation and Evolution - April 27th


Synchronicity is the norm of the Universe, and through the use of this calendar, we see and experience our connection with this flow of patterns in life and nature, and are thus encouraged to create our reality in a new way. Everything is coded and part of a larger cosmic design. By living in synchronicity we open ourselves up to the possibility of receiving more light from the photons hitting our planet at this time, and thus receiving wider information from the Galactic Beam, which in turn helps to shift our consciousness and make the cosmic jump for our evolution.


This course will help you learn how to use all of this information for your Empowerment, Freedom, and Co-Creation

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Course Will Start on March 26th 


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Mayan Time & Magic



A guide to living, being and co-creating in alignment with the Cosmos and our Galactic Self

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1. History of Time and Ancient Calendars

2. Mayan Calendars, Cycles of time & The Long count

3. Galactic and Planetary Influences

4. The Sacred Round or The Tzolkin, Archetypes and Tones

5. Galactic Signature, Wavespells and Oracles

6. Cosmology For The Modern Era, Manifestation and Evolution


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