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#10: Cosmic Human

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Who are we as humans? What is the purpose we have been created for? What is our destiny to fulfill in the Universe? The answers to these questions are beautiful… and multifaceted. We learn the answers to these questions from the Stellar Nation of the Cosmic Humans. Humans are born from the stars and are the purest dream of Creation. We have chosen the fate of letting the spiritual codes of all the Stellar Soul Families into ourselves, to Be our Living… We are that and that is us… The Creator made Humans to be EXPERIENCERS. The Creator, still and formless, radiates out the Ideas of the Divine Mind … And Humans live the Ideas of the Divine Mind, charged with being agents who experience and develop Creation. We have now entered the photon belt and are coming to the end of a cycle of experiencing, into a completion of this cycle, so that we can move into a new cycle and expression with all we have learned. We are called upon now to collect our greatest treasure…and our greatest treasure is the MEMORIES of all we have been, done, and learned. We are called upon now to take our treasure back to the Creator, to meet our own Selves in the Wholeness of our inception point. The treasures of our experiencing come from the journeys of our consciousness as we live in the stellar worlds and in physical form on the stage provided by planet Earth. Live October 8th


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