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#13: Dolphins

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The Dolphins and Whales are both cetaceans, mammals living in the watery seas of the Earth in physical form. In Light Body form they dwell in the Sea of Light that exists as the Ethereal Ocean, a region of stars that span the 5th – 7th dimensions. Dolphins and Whales are part of the same soul family, and both are ever in contact with the Divine Mind, performing their Divinely given missions without losing their awareness of Source. However, they each have a different mission, and hence a different stellar pathway. The Dolphins are healers. They heal by ‘singing’ the frequencies of Love, the Master vibrational pattern that radiates from the sound of the Creator’s release of the ‘Word’. …’In the Beginning, was the Word…’. Love is the cohesive force that runs through all of Creation and holds every created thing together, individually and collectively. Dolphins radiate the Vibrational Knowing of Love through their Beings. Healing comes from the vibrational tones that Dolphins share by weaving cocoons of Light around wounded beings. Their embracing ‘songs’ heal by opening the heart to the remembrance that separation is an illusion. Dolphins also help disincarnating souls pass successfully through the astral levels. Additionally, we do not need to literally die from our body to receive this kind of help from dolphins. Sometimes we hold ‘dead” frozen soul aspects that we have not released due to traumas, and dolphins can help these aspects move off as well. Live November 16th


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