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#8: Male Serpent


The Stellar Nation of the Serpents has a Male line and a Female line. The Male Serpent part of us has a teaching mission and is therefore drawn to seek knowledge. What is really being sought with this quest for knowledge is the understanding of the Divine Mind. The Divine Mind emits “The Word, The Logos” which in its purest state is an invisible Idea-Seed, a spiritual essence, that comes into manifestation when it fertilizes the Mother Goddess. The Master teacher of the Male Serpent Nation is Melchizedek, one of the Lords of Eternal Divine Light. The Idea-Seeds of the Divine Mind radiate out from the 8th dimensional star Arcturus as the Tree of Twelve Knowledges, or Twelve Sciences. Each of the 12 orbs on this Tree is an endlessly complex matrix; each matrix holds the intricate “architectural blueprint” that underlies each Divine Idea-Seed of Creation. The holding of the Tree of Knowledges on Arcturus is so abstract at this 8th-dimensional level that the Tree of Knowledges is cast onto the 6th-dimensional star of Sirius A where its wisdom can be more easily studied and attained. The Male Serpent part of us seeks this knowledge as a “Heavenly Ladder”, a Celestial Bridge, that expands upward step by step. The quest is to understand, practice, and teach the ascending levels of the Divine Idea-Seeds and thereby reach the Realization of Return to Oneness with the Creator.


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