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#9: The Bears - Christ Consciousness


The Bear Nation is a teaching Nation, and the Grand Master of the Bear Nation is the Christ Soul. What our Bear soul particles seek to learn and to teach are the qualities of Christ Consciousness. These are the qualities that reside as etheric seeds floating in our heart space, waiting to be watered into fruition. When they blossom into fullness, our heart opens and becomes the portal for ongoing Divine realizations and actualizations. The heart qualities, to be matured and shared, are called the 7 Wisdoms and each one is held in a star of the Big Dipper, the Ursa Major, or the Great Bear. They are: 1. The Wisdom of Unconditional Love 2. The Wisdom of Unconditional Acceptance 3. The Wisdom of Trust and Compassion in the Galactic Scene 4. The wisdom of Giving, and knowing the balance between Giving and Receiving 5. The Wisdom of the Mystery of Forgiving 6. The Wisdom of Faith 7. The Wisdom of the Power of the Light Further, each ventricle of the Heart corresponds to one of the 4 Divine Principles of Creation: 1. Divine Love 2. Divine Law 3. Divine Mercy, Grace 4. Divine Will These four principles are each held in one of the four stars of the Crux constellation, or the Southern Cross. Live September 25th


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