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#5: The Great Felines

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The Stellar Nation of the Great Felines Our soul aspects that reside in the Great Feline stellar worlds represent another expression of the Warrior. As we learned from the Dragon Nation, in its highest expression the “Warrior” is asked to overcome one of the strongest attributes of the ego – the life instinct. As a warrior, our inner Great Feline is also asked to be willing and able to sacrifice even their life for the holy purpose assigned to them. The holy purpose that our Great Feline aspects are called to asks that we protect and uphold the right for every created Being to have their own Free Will. The Great Felines guard the right to have a direct relationship with the Creator/Source and when outside despotic forces or thinking interfere with another’s Free Will, this aspect of ourselves is motivated to “pounce”. The key notion here is that our Great Feline soul aspects have an innate drive to defend the right of Sovereignty. We can summarize that the Dragons and the Great Felines each show us how to be “Warriors”, how to stand up for a noble cause. Dragons are commissioned with upholding Divine Will and the Great Felines with upholding Free Will. These are two great universal forces – Divine Will and Free Will—that we are constantly asked to balance in life. Live August 4th


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Stellar Nations

Stellar Nations

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