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#4: The Dragons

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The Stellar Nation of the Dragons The Dragon aspect of ourselves is a Warrior. What is a Warrior? In its highest expression, the Warrior is asked to overcome one of the strongest attributes of the ego – the life instinct. The mission assigned to the Dragon, as a Warrior, is to stand up for the holy purpose of keeping Divine Order, which can also be thought of as upholding Divine Will. So, this means that one would sacrifice even their life to ensure that the Heavenly Laws are obeyed. Our Dragon soul aspects undergo extensive training to master the many skills needed to fulfill their Destiny. Mastery of the elements is part of this path and in acquiring the means to control the elements Dragons can develop a great deal of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength…with which they are meant to uphold Divine Will. This is a demanding pathway and there is a stellar station for 8 distinct Steps of Initiation. These are the 8 Sacred Pathways or 8 Virtues of the Warrior. From our soul aspects in the Dragon Nation, we see what the highest expression of this duty looks like…and we also see the temptations and trials that test the Dragon Warrior in us. Live July 22nd


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Stellar Nations

Stellar Nations

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