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The practice of working with nature spirits, dragons, ley lines, and dowsing in accordance with Sacred Geometry can help to increase the energetic frequency and well-being of both our living space and wider landscape. As Mother Earth heals from the toxicity of the old paradigm and the old overlay falls away the original song lines of Mother Earth will once again be heard and new energetic sites and centers will open up to help hold and harness the New Earth blueprints that are being downloaded

The Sacred Art of Geomancy

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This incredible 6 module course will be led by world-renowned and respected Geomancer - Dr. Patrick MacManaway and supported by Quantum Plant Alchemists Davyd Farrell and Bella Alvaran.


* Normal Price $520 USD - Book Now and save yourself over $100 with a special early bird price of nearly 20% off at $414 for this high-powered and essential Geomancy series of transmissions and downloads

This special offer is only open to the first 33 participants to book or until 30th September (whichever closes out first)

Course Begins November 16th

Our first deep dive into Land Healing will be with the course Land Healing - The Sacred Art of Geomancy!

In this 6-hour course you will learn to access the Keys to Grace:

  • Read and work with Dragons, Elementals, and Nature Spirits

  • Work with vibrational communications in order to access key information

  • Identify and connect with Sacred Sites, Nodal Points, Portals, and Guardian Spirits

  • Design and work with Labyrinth energy

  • Identify and heal unhelpful energies, entities, and other traumas in the land 

Let’s Work Together

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