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Novice Monks Lighting Candles


Humans and our ancestors have long created places of spiritual and sacred significance. Our world is covered in incredible ancient and modern sacred sites where humans have come to pray, divine, celebrate, mourn, and journey.

However, we still don't fully understand all of the ancestor's ancient sites and through the wonderful work of many different revisionist historians and investigative journalists, we have uncovered much in the last 30 years but still more and more incredible finds are being reported all the time. As we wake up to the fact that we are the ancestors that we have been waiting for we may start to understand these sites and our personal connections to them at a deeper level


*This part of our Quantum New Earth vision is still waiting to manifest. If you are interested in sharing your work here or possibly collaborating in some way please contact us using the form below. We are interested to hear from anybody who has their own Quantum vision or project to share with the world

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Pátzcuaro, Michoacán de Ocampo

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