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A Navigation Guide to Quantum Consciousness

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Hi Navigators,

Chapter 1 has been released....

Align your compass!

Olca Huijsmans
Laloubere Sandrine

Bonjour everyone,

I have since last year move back to my birth country to look after my mothers, natural one and Pacha Mama. My mum has a property of 2 hectares with fruits trees, young oak trees my dad planted several years ago, and I decided to go back to my roots and start growing food in a balance way with nature, all a learning curve.

The last 2 weeks have been super intense with work, some quite physical.

So yesterday, I thought to give myself some down time, decided to treat myself to a water spa close by, only to find out it is close for refurbishment, then I decided to do some work and got pissed off with one thing after another one.

Among one, was I wanted to purchase on line the 1st chapter, not working, realize that it is a new card, so I decided to…

Katelijne Deloof-sys
Katelijne Deloof-sys
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