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In connection with Quantum compass, the near end of Mayan calendar, and reviewing…..

I took my note book of the Rainbow bridge started on the 13 June 2023, and on day 1 Blue Monkey which is also today🐵, I wrote as answer of “What do you want to achieve with this journey?”

Would love to heal my body, release, let go of blockages, remember who I am, reconnect with my intuition, inner wisdom, knowledge. Heal my ancestor line, and help others to heal, share with others.

So I can trust myself, quieten my monkey mind🤪.

Follow my instinct, intuition, listen, work with the elements, reconnect with plants, animals.

Be at peace.

I am mesmerized at what this last year has been, which actually feels more than a year, as so much happened.

Yes, I have clear some ancestors lineages, removed blockages, and became so much more confident.

I Trust and follow my intuition. Help others by guiding them.

I am sovereign and courageous which guided me to make the jump of changing life.

I am now closer to nature, where I can build a connection with Pacha Mama, and I am working with the elements.

A beginner in finding harmony as growing food, so a good learning start☺️, many notes and review for next year😂

Thanks you Bella, Davyd, all the people who have participated to all the immersion I have done, and the people who are sharing here and co creating this Quantum conscious world🙏🌎🌍🌏🪐✨🌛💧💨🔥🌈💕

Peace and Love


Val Motherherbs
Frances K
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Jun 28

Hola hermana. Great share and yes what a year or so its been for many of us, with the immersions, journyes, downloads, connections even 'accidents' in some cases! Its been truly inspiring and rewarding to see so many of you here now and to know that we shared all those spaces and experiences together.

There are big deltas also taking place for any of us who did The Rainbow Bridge last year. That super powerful journey is still resonating strongly in the ethers and for many of us who participated.

As we approach the end of this Tzolkin, Bella and I are feeling very strongly the energy of 'reset' and with that a chance to approach everything differently.

This Yellow Star wavespell is our chance to review this last Tzolkin and plant seeds to come.

Its also holding the extension of the Cancer Solstice energy for us to continue to release density and receive more light. This powerful energy of Solana (The Sun) will be with us until the 7th July and then we are into a whole different sequence!



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