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Quantum Plant Alchemy

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I appreciate the nudge to get back into harvesting my plants again. 😀 My St. John's Wort is only two years old, so this is my 1st time collecting from it. I love the red hue!

I would like to learn more about Fleabane. Philadelphia Fleabane was the 1st and only plant that has ever communicated with me so far. I feel like it has similar properties to mistletoe but that hasn't shown up in my brief research of the plant.

I think it gets a bad wrap for being used by prostitutes to avoid pregnancy and to keep away fleas. Anyway, I feel a divine feminine energy about it and I think it has more to offer us at this time, I just don't know what. 🤔

Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Jun 18

Many moons ago I had a student who got the call of fleabane and ended up doing quite a lot of work with it and it helped her to communicate with children and story telling from what i remember. It was a while ago now but all plants have a story to tell - we just have to be open I think to listen :-)



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