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Quantum Plant Alchemy

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Davyd Farrell
Time Weaver

Hi Everyone and welcome to the new home for plants here on QPW. After we were guided to call time on QPH and shift energies and focus from healing to more creative based endeavours the plants indicated that they would return in due course and sure enough over the last week or so they indicated that they would at least like a new and slightly differnet kind of space here on this broader New Earth platform.

Once this group has filled up a little. more we will hold a group call with a more plant focus.

In the meantime myself and the brother Pete were guided to make this timely video on another super powerful plant - St Johns Wort.

As always we had a lot of fun making this deep dive video and we definitely plan to make many more, ultimatley creating an extensive plant essence transmission library.

With the plants they always give us an indication of which plant to focus on next but we would love to hear from you all too. Is there a plant any of you would like to learn more about from the herbal, shamanic and quantum perspectives? If so please share in the discussion board

Please also feel free to share any plant stories or experiences that come to you.

This group will be an all encompassing plant space for us all to share with the beings that we love and connect with. 🌸🌼🌷🌿

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Katelijne Deloof-sys
Eleanor McGavin


Watch all Plant Transmissions Here: And make sure you sha...


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