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Hi everyone,

I'd love to share a project that I'm working on, which is a service that puts together a sidereal natal chart, Gene Keys, Human Design, and Dreamspell galactic signature into a single combined "Cosmic Blueprint" PDF profile.

My intention for the project is to begin to introduce people to their galactic signatures and the dreamspell calendar through the inter-relatedness of the different systems.

Most people already know about human design and the gene keys, but they may be less aware of the dreamspell and just need the little extra push to make the connection.

Alongside with the profile I also send out a PDF of the 9 year vision from the Law of Time website which goes deeper into the topic.

I make this service completely free, which is explained more in the description, and because it's free I would like to open it up to collaboration for anyone who would like to contribute to this project

If you take a look my personal attached profile, you can see that it's clearly very basic design-wise because

  1. I don't have any graphic design skills (yet)

  2. I'm still in the process of learning the whole bulk of the Cosmic History body of knowledge

For now I put as placeholders a few neat looking graphs of all the galactic archetypes and some charts of the telektonon and the planetary circuits, but it's missing descriptions of how the archetpyes are related to one another and to the charts, which I'm still learning myself. I envision the final project to be a complete manual for diving into the dreamspell through the natal profiles, however that might require separate future projects to include all the different aspects of the dreamspell.

Currently I'm working on collecting full descriptions of the 13 tones and the 20 seals, which will be put on their own individual pages to mix and match for the individual. As well as adding little sprinkles of design, whatever I can do.

If you'd like to get your blueprint done, you can find it in the following link:

I do leave an option open for donation in case some energy wants to circulate, however it is not expected and it gives me joy and satisfaction just to be able to serve this way in the spirit of the new earth.

Right now it's set up as an appointment which you can choose opt out of and just receive the Blueprint if you'd like (send me an email). Just schedule an appointment and within a couple of days or as soon as I can I will send the current beta version PDF to your email.

Below is attached my copy of the blueprint which I will also send out alongside the 9 year vision whenever someone makes an appointment, and by the time the next person sends in an order it will likely include more content.

If you have any ideas or would like to contribute please reach out as well. I would love for this to be a collaborative project. The more we create together the more beautiful the new earth will be!

Love you all and thank you for creating this shared space for all of us Bella and Davyd, as well as for the information that you guys put out.

Blessings and In Lake'ch

Nhan Pham

Blueprint Nhan
Download PDF • 9.57MB

Davyd Farrell


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