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Quantum Plant Alchemy

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Well, don't mind if I do. 😁

Just yesterday I was picking and preparing St. John’s wort for to use in salves and teas, and while doing so I was talking to the plant (as you do), thanking it for its generosity that it had already showed us (a salve that I made ended up being especially helpful to my mother's muscle and joint pain for example), and asking it whether it wanted to continue to work with me and teach me more about itself going forward. Sure thing, it seemed to say through the pendulum.

So it was kind of funny and very timely to wake up to the e-mail about Quantum Plant Alchemy and St. John’s wort taking the lead in the new plant transmissions.  Heck, I’m in.

Eleanor McGavin
Davyd Farrell
April Wold
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Jun 17

Thats wonderful Sanna - an SJW salve. I dont currently have any of htis plant growing here but I hope to find a local variety at some point.



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