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Davyd Farrell
Time Weaver

So - the St John's Wort transmission continues to unfold.

This plant is ' an extension of sunlight ' and as we talk about in the brand new QPA Plant Transmission - myself and Pete get into what this could really mean.

However - yesterday I got the strong hit as Bella and I were recording Nav Guide#4 that We had been in peak St Johns and Solar energy since the 20th/21st - the 3 days of light until the 24th - The Feast Day of St John which was yesterday and then today we start the wavepsell of the Yellow Magnetic Star and what is our sun really - a yellow star.

Now - normally we get just the 3 days of the peak solar energy and then the culmination on the Feast Day (at the Winter Solstice - its mirror is of course the Christ Mass day) and then the energy starts to tail off as we begin the descent into the darkenss and the void at the Winter Solstice.

But... with St John holding an extension rod he is enabling those of us who are aware to connect the Solstice energy to this next 13 day wavespell and to carry the light through it, giving us the maximum time to plant those New Earth seeds with the maximum potency to grow.

There is more to this download so I might make a little video and share but wanted to give a heads up here to all those who are following the wavespells, astrology and the cosmology.

This is another layer with which we can work.

To all the members of this group who are yet to purchase the SJW plant essence transmission... what are you waiting for?! 😀🌼☀️

This is still an excellent time to go foraging and make SJW essences and tinctures.

SJW also helps us to deal with the incredible energetic density release that is going on across the planet right now as we get prepared for the shift.

This plant allows us to receive and hold more sunlight.

Would love to hear peoples feedback on our video and also your experiences with this plant.

There will be an ongoing series eventually building a library of plant deep dive tranmissions.

Shawn Elizabeth
Julie L.
Val Motherherbs

So blessed to have this ally growing in our land💛💗💛



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