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Greetings everyone,

In order to get deeper in touch with the plant, St John's wort for this current Yellow Star wavespell, I downloaded the transmission video with Pete and Davyd.

It was so relevant for me to receive the information regarding recent increase in cases of shingles outbreaks. In early May I came down with shingles beginning on the right side of my scalp, travelled down the forehead and into my eye. At first I thought the rash was associated with a tick bite until it was correctly diagnosed. I worked with homeopathic hypericum with no results so now I will try the plant, as although the rash is mostly cleared up I am still experiencing nerve related symptoms. Any thoughts or advice from the group would be greatly appreciated!

I do also want to mention a sort of glich regarding the video transmission...on my computer everything was going along fine until the point 1:01:57 when the audio went out completely, radio silence all the way to the end. I can see the slides but can't hear the conversation. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or can offer some technical advice.


Eleanor McGavin
Davyd Farrell
Jun 29

I also find it interesting about the shingles. Whenever there is a physical issue I always look to identify the root on a deeper level, usually from an emotional perspective. What is the body, mind, spirit experiencing that it feels the need to react with this particular physical situation? One of the best resources I've found for getting to the bottom of many issues is a book entitled: Metaphysical Anatomy - Your Body Is Talking, Are You Listening? by Evette Rose (I'll include an Amazon link). For every issue I've had and looked up in this reference it has been spot-on for me, amazingly so. It has become an indispensable addition to my library. I highly recommend checking it out for learning more about the deeper associations related to shingles.



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