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Davyd Farrell
Time Weaver

Finally - we have managed to resolve some long outstanding issues in the courses...

Firstly - if you go through the steps of a course before they weren't registering as having been completed! Thats now been fixed though and so you can complete the steps...

Which means that the 2nd piece of good news could happen... the activation of the badges :-)

This especially applies to the SN pathway which has many different badges, one for each completed Stellar Nation.

However - we also have two brand new badges;

Geomancer for completing the Geomancy course and

Time Weaver for completing The Mayan Time and Magic course

These can all be updated and applied by going into your personal profile and clicking the 3 vertical dots next to your current badges.

Have fun everybody and select the badges that most sum you up in this moment. You can always change them when the feeling shifts!

Jeanie Chan
Jun 09

Hello! I've completed both the Geomancy and Mayan Time & Magic courses and was going to have my badges reflect this but I can't seem to do anything with my badges. The courses show completed and I received the notification that I was awarded the badges, and I followed Davyd's instructions above ... but nothing. Is anyone else having issues or is it just me? Just curious. 🤔



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