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This is going to be long and messy. Those who read it will get a cookie and maybe a gold star.

I was going to say that this started with a channel by Molly McCord last Friday, but I realised it didn’t. It started with a massive migraine episode on Tuesday and Wednesday, one that was bad enough that I asked my spiritually gifted friend to check in energetically to see what the fuck was going on. Now, I’m no stranger to migraines and headaches, I’ve had them since I was young. This time felt strange and different. I had, like any mildly resonable person with a migraine, gone to bed with a sleeping mask and tried to get some sleep, like OK, rest now, Body. But it was difficult. The bed felt unsteady, as if it was precariously floating downstream a river, and I could feel energy whipping all around, roughly tugging on my body, as if I was caught in a storm. I don’t know if I managed to get some sleep after all, but when I was ready to peak out from the sleeping mask after a few hours, my friend had left me a voice message:

”Instantly I saw you walking through this desert blindfolded, and the wind is whipping and the sand is just hitting you from every angle. so you’re kind of wandering around with your arms outstretched, obviously with the blindfold not knowing where to go or where to step, but you end up finding this, kind of like a little cave, and you go in, like okay, it’s time to rest, and you’re drinking this hot cup of tea, and this old woman instructs you to lay down, and she’s at your head, she’s placing her hands all around your head in these interesting placements, and it’s like I can see all of this, I don’t know how to describe it really, but all kinds of crazy energy connections going on in there, and then it’s like this projection out of your crown, and it’s almost pineappley looking? But more scaly than the actual skin of a pineapple but it is shaped like a pineapple, and then that turns into a dragon. And it just GROWS and GROWS and GROWS into this HUMONGOUS dragon. And I get the message ”let the dragon go out into that sandstorm for you. Let the dragon go out and deal with that and you stay in this cave protected doing the work that you can do in there.”

Often when I have bad migraines I end up talking to my body, like what is it that you need, that you might not get enough of? Or too much of? What can I do to support you?  Doctors appointments have let me know that at least its nothing dangerous, but I see pain as a type of communication, and clearly it is something that I’m not getting. Sorry body, this human has not yet gotten the memo. Computer says ”no”.

Then a couple of days later, migraine over and done with this time around, I had put on Molly McCords channelled episode ”You are a pyramid now” just for entertainment while eating. But there was something about it that turned on my awareness to maximum. You are the pyramids now, she says.  Here is a long, but not exact quote (I suggest you listen to the video, it’s so interesting)

”You are the pyramids now. You are the energetic conductors of greater consciousness on the planet at a whole new level in humanity’s evolution. […]

They are bringing my attention to inside a pyramid, the inside a pyramid is actually the most important structure of a pyramid. In this case it relates to inside the human structure.

They’re showing me two parts of inside the human skull. The first part is the pineal gland. The pineal gland is similar to the point of a pyramid and this is where we’re opening up to receive even more messages and energies and understandings. The second is the pituitary glands which has many of the same functions as the pineal gland. They’re showing me how these two parts of the human brain are essential for operating the pyramid as they relate directly to the endocrine system and the endocrine system is an internal messaging system and as we are opening up and expanding these glands, the energy that we’re feeling there gets disseminated and moves through the internal body, through the endocrine system, which connects to thyroid glands, adrenal glands, your hormones, which then gets sent to the rest of the pyramid, the body. All of this is vital to reprogramming our energy fields and our physical energy. The energy can be working strongly in the pineal gland and the pituitary glands and you could be having ascension symtoms, the headaches, the dizziness… This is part of what we are balancing, where we’re learning to work with these internal flows of energy that are moving through multiple parts of our systems and reprogramming us. They’re showing me here that the ongoing evolution is moving us into merkaba-energy which involves two pyramids, a pyramid going up and a pyramid going down, being intricately connected as one unit. You are not only grounded on earth, but you are grounded in the cosmos. They’re showing me that merkaba spinning, spinning in a circle. This spiralling is creating a new frequency in us. I’m seeing it at DNA-level. It feels like a fresh connection to a new life force. The best way you can continue to work with these energies is to tune into your body and feel where there’s an energetic backup or blocking. They’re showing me that there are organic ways to work with these energies, ancient ways of working with blood flow, and strengthening the body, they’re bringing me to traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture as one modality, I’m also seeing a lot of herbs, minerals, they’re are very natural ways to work with our energy systems, to keep them clear; and I’m getting the visual of an ancient text, ancient studies, what previous cultures knew.”

I can’t really pinpoint just what it is that I’m reacting on, but for some reason my thoughts go directly to nettle and what nettle can do to the body, then to some body code sessions I did last year for my migraines that indeed focused on the kidneys, the pituitary glands and the adrenals. It made me think of the physical energy systems of our bodies and how they connect with the other energy bodies that we are - and to the rest of the energetic universe around us. On the other hand it also made me think of my own personal need to reconnect with plants and herbs, and even the hieroglyphics lessons that I take because I want to (it’s not like I’m gonna be able to use them at work…). Briefly googling the heck out of nettle did indeed turn up into findings of how it positively affected the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. I even brought out the books I have on traditional chinese medicine to continue digging (because that is what I do now apparently).

Then another night I watched the Quantum Compass for the wavespell of the Blue Eagle. In the middle of the show as you probably know, Davyd takes up Pacal Votans famous tomb, I don’t quite remember why; and says something like ”it has been speculated that it shows Pacal Votan riding a spaceship, but my thoughts is that its a shamanic death rebirth process or him in the process of reaching his 5D self.” And I’m sitting, knitting paused for the moment (you understand the gravity of the situation when the knitting needles are still): thinking - wait, doesn’t this show a merkaba? Isn’t this what Molly talked about somehow? About oneself being a vessel, and a vessel that transcends?

A week ago I didn’t give two shits about merkabas and what they were (no offence to anyone who do). To me it was just another new age term (probably) that I didn’t know much about, just another thing to sell as crystal pendants or paid for guided meditations and I didn’t particularly care to know either. But now suddenly I needed to know everything (not saying that I have succeeded, but it became quite interesting quite fast)

So, according to my recent internet sleuthing, there seems to be at least two terms that are associated with merkaba. According to wikipedia the term has its origin within Jewish mysticism and the book of Ezekiel (which is very interesting all on its own). But then there are many other spiritual resources saying that merkaba is an ancient Egyptian term, meaning mer (light) - ka (soul) - ba (body).

I’m absolutely not going to renounce the spiritual value in merkaba and how people use it, but I have yet to see someone who is transparent with their sources in regards to this. Which source says that ”mer” means light and so on, and can they show how they translated this, from which hieroglyph? Are there sources that support that the term of Merkaba was actually used by the Ancient Egyptians? This is not me being critical, but me being genuinely interested and curious. I mean, even if it existed as a term, do we really know whether it was understood the same or a vastly different concept?

Studying hieroglyphics, I do have access to dictionaries, so I wanted to try to see if I could make out which hieroglyphs that the word or term merkaba could potentially consist of. Like, is there a ”mr” that is related to light or shining for example. Like Arabic and Hebrew, Egyptian is a afro-asiatic, semitic language, though we should probably call it proto-semitic. That means that vowels are generally not visible in the text, and the language is made up of consonant roots, often three paired together - like mer-ka-ba if it is indeed an ancient Egyptian term. In the unfortunate case of Egyptian it means that we can’t ever be sure how Egyptian was spoken, where to put which vowel, because there is no information about that in the texts and there’s no one alive today who knows and can tell us.

Anyway. ”mr” can mean many things in Egyptian, but I didn’t find anything that suggested that it could mean light. I did find, however, that one of its many meanings of this phonetic sound is ’pyramid’. And the hieroglyph for that is a… pyramid. The dictionary (Dickson 2006) literally says pyramid, tomb.

Here I am again thinking of the image of Pacal Votans tomb, the image of him going somewhere on that vessel. Or if he is that vessel. ”You are the pyramid now.”

As for ”ka” it can absolutely mean soul, but so does ”ba”. They are two different types of souls out of the nine, I think, that the Egyptians believed a human had. And they are quite interesting.

The hieroglyph for the ’Ka-soul’ are two arms, desperately reaching out for something in need. The ’Ka-soul’ could be described as the life force of a human, but it was something that followed the human beyond death. The ’ka-soul’ was still thought to need sustenance and food after death, and the offerings that the Egyptian made to the dead, were made to feed the ’ka-soul’.

”The Ka is born with the human. The Ka then follows the human through all changes in life and when the human dies and leaves its earthly presence, the two will walk into the afterlife and meet the gods there together. The ka, then, is a side of the human who maintain life both in this world and in the other world, and through its Ka the human lives on forever. If you would try to translate the concept of Ka to modern terms, you could say it corresponds to the genetic inheritance, since it also is a force inherited through the generations from the beginning of creation until now.” (Gertie Englund; Så tänkte de, p 213)

The hieroglyph for ’ba’ (in the meaning of soul) is a bird, specifically an African stork. As an image (though the line between images and hieroglyphs is very fine indeed) its often depicted as a falcon or a falcon with a human head. The Ba was a part of the human spirit that could travel far away from the body, into other realms. The Ba observed. The Ba could be seen as the eternal part of a humans soul, and often had a very different perspective from that of the living human.

There is an old Egyptian text called ”A dispute of a man with his Ba” in which an old man is weary of life and expresses his will to die to his Ba, but his Ba disagrees with him. Instead of focusing on the negative things in life, the man should try to be happy and joyful while he’s alive; the Ba says. The Ba wants him to live his life on Earth and collect the different experiences of life, both good and bad, and then die when it’s his time, and reunite with his Ba in the world after this, bringing the gifts of the knowledge of those experiences.

The Ba could be seen as the divine spark in the human. The gods had Bas as well, and it was thanks to that that they could manifest their otherwise unfathomable natures for humans. The gods manifest by making part of their nature known to humans, like for example the Sun God. He manifests through the sun disk, which is his Ba.

Englund writes: ”There is a text that tells how creation was made. It says that the creator created himself, just as he created other gods and the human with its Ba, just to let him, the creator know what the created knows. I interpret this as there is a principle of awareness built into creation, and that principle of awareness is tied to the Ba. The created and its Ba experience creation together, and that knowledge is to be returned to the primordial source. This is a matter of communication between the worlds, here between the primordial source and creation.”

Englund’s description of Ba makes me think of Men, the blue eagle. ”To the Maya, Men represents the eagle, the one who soars in conscious flight above the Earth, the one who’s vision sees far beyond the mind of humanity.” (The Mayan Oracle, a galactic language of light).

To be clear I don’t know whether these are the right hieroglyphs for the potential Egyptian concept of merkaba. I also asked my teacher who’s an egyptologist whether she knew of the concept and if so, what the hieroglyphics of that word then could be. I also told her which hieroglyphs I had found. She didn’t buy my version, and suggested the Egyptian word merkabat, which consists of several hieroglyphs and literally means chariot, which then would correspond with how it is described in Jewish mysticism.

I also looked it up in Arabic and mrkbat indeed means vehicle, carriage; which incidentally is also used in the word for spaceship, mrkbat al-fadai. I don’t know whether the hieroglyphs that I found were unexpectedly deep and suitable by pure chance, or if this is a case of linguistic ”false friends” that actually added depth to the meaning. The Egyptians were artists of language and loved that kind of thing, I’ve learned.

Working with this whole thing also reminded me of a passage in the Stellar nations, soul families, page 338-341:

”The following station of the Stellar Nation of the Pegasus is the star Alpheratz/Sirrach, which is the Alpha star of the Andromeda constellation. It is presently standing at 14°24’ Aries. We found a wonderfully exciting world at this stellar bay too, as it turned out that this is a sphere where the spaceships get prepared for the galactic journey that awaits them. […] The top of the mountain and the entire mountain itself is like a heavenly launching site, where the messenger creates the light-body-vehicle around him or herself from his or her own spiritual energies, upon which a great, barely describable Mer-Ka-Ba starship appears…

[…] Having understood all this, we can say that if this stellar ray is projected into someones chart, s/he probably has the initiation code of how to create the light-body vehicle out of his or her own spiritual energies, and s/he knows the operating principle of the starships. It can be very important for them to know how to create and operate the Mer-Ka-Ba energy field, as most probably, according to Divine intention, in the future they will get an essential role in the creation of the planetary Mer-Ka-Ba field or the planetary Lemurian Lightbody that is needed for the collective Ascension and dimensional shift of Planet Earth, and which will work as a new morphogenetic field and the vehicle for the planetary-level interdimensional travel. On the other hand, with the progression of time they can have an increasing role in the community-level process of activating the personal light-body-vehicles.”

Maybe not so surprisingly I ended up dreaming of hieroglyphs floating around in the air one night this week.

And the day after I found myself in a dream which was amusing, a bit like an 80s Sci-fi, where me and some friends were supposed to guard this space hangar with our personal space ships which looked a little like bobsleighs with wings. In the dream I wrinkled my nose at the strange (but fitting with the theme) uniform I was supposed to wear - helmet, like a long-sleeved bathing suit type of thing with thigh high boots, but I dutifully put them on. Anyone who’s worn a skirt or shorts in the summer know that a bare ass don’t mix well with leather seats.

That’s it. Anyway, now I’m going to smell some flowers or something I think. 🍪🌟

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Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
6월 19일

Epic sharing sister. I loved it. All the intuitive sleauthing, real Dandelion Stuff. Many things resoante from this sharing but especially Ezekiel who I have a connection with. Archangel Ezekiel is the Angel tasked with managing the 5th Dimension apparently but the Prophet Ezekiels story and his visions are super interesting. As a Red Cosmic Skywalker with the higher octave of Prophet and a life filled with time traveling adventures and visions from the future this naturally resonates with me. During 2020 lockdown I had a deeper connection form with this intelligence/being/angel that started to help me to understand the nature of time and prophetic visions better.

What I love about our Tribe is the deep and thoughtful intuitive sharings that are borne of synchronistic and magical observations and experiences.

As Julianne says - somehow we all have our own pieces of the jigsaw and perhaps part of the longer term vision here on QPW is to see how all the pieces fit together. Through working with the plants, the SN and the Mayan time waves we have an incredibly powerful container for ourselves with which to safely 'remember' who we are.

As we near the end of this Tzolkin Bella and I are planning to share more about where we think this is all heading and most likely we will organise a call after Solstice to go into this deeper with you all.



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