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If you thought you’d had enough of Egyptians, I’m sorry, because here’s some more.

Day-dreaming chin-in-hand over the breakfast table earlier today I felt like I kind of had ended my previous text on a quite un-finished note, though it was definitely not because of a lack of effort nor of a lack of words (I do take pride in my ability to drive readers to the brink of exhaustion after all). That’ll teach me to post stuff during a Mercury-Pluto opposition.

I felt like there was a few things unsaid about the mer-stuff. Remember, the author Gertie Englund had talked about the goddess Hathor having a certain power that she called the ”mer-power” and reading that I had gotten almost unbearably excited, mind blown, because to me it tied in to the whole mer-ka-ba discussion that had taken place in June.  Back then I had tried to double-check the common claim that the term Merkaba stems from the Egyptian words mer (light),  ka (spirit) and ba (body) that you hear everywhere. Armed with a digital dictionary in ancient Egyptian I couldn’t find anything that corroborated that. I could, however, find other interesting hieroglyphs that potentially could be connected to those three roots; and that was Mr (pyramid), ka (ka-soul) and ba (ba-soul) (I explain the different types of souls in that post). Which to me resonated very strongly, especially since I had had Molly McCords video ”You are the pyramid now” deep within in my awareness for a while. The whole term could also be the Egyptian word Merkabat, literally meaning chariot, which is identical in Arabic and I think also Hebrew. So my developing understanding of Merkaba is built, kind of, from these two terms that sound the same, but really mean very different things. I do feel, however, that it creates an interesting tension, like a whole that is more than the sum of its parts if you excuse the cliché. I do feel, that there is something interesting and true in this. The entire vessel would be the merkabat, the chariot, and its constituents, its dimensions would be mr; the pyramid, ka; the ka-soul and ba; the ba-soul.

But what is the pyramid then? I mean, how would that make sense to bring up an ancient physical structure, like that of a monument or tomb?

I was thinking about the tomb that was also a vessel, such as, perhaps, in Pacal Votans case. The vessel within which he ascended, perhaps his body.

Moonfont suggested the following:

”I just thought about this a little more and just now made the connection with the 3D, 4D and 5D light body. The 3D body is the mr, the pyramids 3 dimensions, also a tomb since it dies. The 4D holon body is what moves through time. The Ka arms reaching up and asking for sustenance makes me think about how we need to apply continual awareness to extend our consciousness through time, or the need to create lasting memories that feed the soul so that it remembers after death. And the Ba would b the 5D rainbow body which is always with us and watching from above with great love.”

This rang true to me. But to bring this argument further; remember and imagine Hathor’s mer-power. And Hathor (or the goddess, whatever name she might have in your language, in your time and place) bringing the un-manifested into manifestation. And how does she do that? Through mer.

And what was mer? According to my teacher the Egyptologist’s best guess, it is [mrt], love.

So the physicality of the pyramid [mr], manifestation, is achieved through love [mrt]. Sounds obscenely simple, but then again, true things often are.

I guess the more important question is, where are we going with these vessels, these chariots of ours?

Today is Friday, the day of the new moon on 14 degrees of Cancer. According to Leslie Shankman there are energies from Sirius A and B coming through during Sun’s gate from July 2-9. From what I understand, Sirius A and B are roughly situated on 14 degrees of cancer (incidentally the cusp of my 8th house which contains my sun). Leslie had posted this following message from Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó (Tell me if you mind me posting this, Leslie, I’ll remove it in that case:)):

The Cradle of the World Serpents Shines Forth

There is a very important stellar influence, which prevails through the light-bridge of the Sun today and in the next few days. As we have discussed it many times in our previous books, further to the messengers of the stellar family of the Pleiades, the other most important teaching community, the presence and initiating ray of which has accompanied the earthly history is none other than Sirius, the star that is coming into alignment with the Sun right now. The souls receptive to the mysteries of the stars have always looked forward to this period of the year with great excitement, from the ancient ages to our present days, knowing that such Heavenly initiating messages can be revealed through the stellar gate of Sirius now that can appoint new directions of spiritual evolution. We know what a great significance the stellar position of Sirius had in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza for example or in the establishment of the giant megalithic star-temple of Stonehenge, which is surrounded by the protective ring of the five legendary white horses that symbolize Sirius. So this special mystical gate of light has come again now and its influence will be amplified by the Sun Gate, between 2 and 9 July, having a completely direct effect on the awakening of humanity’s consciousness. The conjunction will turn exact on 6 July so that is when it can be felt the most strongly.

We could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nations that this star is actually involved in three stellar nations as an initiating stellar sphere of key importance, so you can all feel according to the stellar codes of your own body and soul what message this special conjunction of the Sirius and the Sun brings to you that comes only once in a year.

We could find out from the history of the Stellar Nation of the Unicorns that the ‘A’ star of Sirius is a powerful creative stellar sphere. Here’s a short excerpt about it from our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families:

„We arrived at the ‘A’ star of Sirius, where those morphogenetic fields and energetic processes are born, which are always there in the background as the contours of all the creations.

We entered a special holographic library here, which looked as if there were countless lively, vibrating, radiating symbols placed on a monumental wall of light, which the members of the Ogmin Tara Nation referred to as the “Alphabet of Creation”. Each holographic character is a symbol with unique creative power, which the unicorn beings of the Sirius understood perfectly.

Each creative motion has its own symbol, an almost magical sign of light, and if they are used and projected into the cosmic space properly, then unfolding there, they bring the reality hidden inside of them to life.”

Then we could also learn that Sirius A is a sacred cradle of the female and male lines of the Stellar Nation of the Serpents too, and it is one of the central celestial scenes of the teaching pathway of the Male Serpents, where the duplicate of that Tree of Life exists, which was originally born on Arcturus. That Tree of Life – as the sacred tree of the 12 Knowledges or Sciences – contains the highest initiating mysteries for all the souls whose stellar codes on the soul level include this stellar nation. The ancient mysteries mentioned in the introduction were connected to this stellar source too and this is where they gained their great and impressive knowledge from.

At the same time, the members of both lines of the Stellar Nation of the Serpents – so both the sanctified healing priestesses of the Goddess and the teaching souls of the Melchizedek Order – remember the holy world of their common stellar cradle together now, the place where the World Serpents meet and join from the beginning of time. So no matter what battle or rivalry has beaten their pathway, they are now touched by the recognition again that they actually belong to each other because it is the God and the Goddess embracing in their existence, longing for the cosmic uniting. So this is a healing gate and a wonderful possibility for reconciliation, and it is worth experiencing this even through a sacral ritual.

And then finally we could also get to know from the teachings of the stellar nations that the ‘B’ star of Sirius is the home of one of the most beautiful secrets of the Stellar Nation of the Dolphins, which is the mystery of the Seven Golden Dolphins, the detailed story of which can also be found in our book.

So this period can bring very special creative dreams to many and in fact, our long-held dreams can be realized now, they can finally come true. But it is important for us to work for this actively with our creative postulates and visualization techniques, as if we were just turning those morphogenetic fields into life, which are the foundations of our creations. Furthermore we can receive wonderful and powerful teaching messages, almost like revelations, and especially the members of the serpent nation can be touched by personal messages sent by the Melchizedek Spirit or by the Great Serpent Goddess.

Beyond all these, the souls connected to the world of the dolphins can enjoy true and touchingly beautiful, liberating experiences coming from the Divine heart and the healing dolphin-heart throughout these sanctified days – so it’s not surprising if we are attracted to waters and seas!

May these days be blessed for all of you because probably these are the most important days of this summer!

With love

Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

A couple of days ago I had been talking to my spiritually gifted friend about the Goddess and Hathor and about me being kind of fixed on the subject and feeling like there were things that wanted to be said, when she said: ”Ah, Hathor. I gotta read Hathor’s chapter again in the Sophia Code”. I said ”Yeah, you clearly should, though I have no idea what the Sophia code is. :)” whereupon my friend told me about this book that she said had ended up synchronicitically in her possession and had ”activated her whole house” with kids who ended up dreaming of the themes in the book.

Later the same evening I was on youtube in order to find something to watch, and I was scrolling past these videos that I had passed by several times in a week, because I just wasn’t into it. And then I suddenly see a stranger’s comment underneath the thumbnail of one of the videos: ”Oh, she’s the one who wrote the Sophia Code! I love that book!” Allright, I thought, I guess we’ll watch this thing.

So, long story short, I had applied for an interlibrary loan of the Sophia Code (mostly because of its chapter on Hathor) and was able to pick up the book from my local library yesterday. Today I ended up reading the first 6 chapters, and the last one included the first key code relating to goddess Isis. Interestingly, the author mentions the new moon in this specific ritual. and later on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is used in order to activate the first key code, which according to the Isis persona of the book, was a knowledge that originated in Egypt, and was kept safe and brought out from Egypt through the exodus.

For the record, I tried to keep this short. I did. I did!

Davyd Farrell


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