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Day 9 of this White Wave spell and it's been so windy here in sunny Scotland since day 3. I began the wave spell in a beautiful place in Royal Deeside at a family event, where sage was growing all around and I felt supported at this event by its presence.

Given the old core wounds to do with ancestry that arose in the previous wave spell and knocked me for six, it felt like something had shifted . I had grounded myself in the Red Moon Wave Spell from the ancestral core wounds before that wave spell ended, did my healing rituals, and went off at the start of this White Wind wave spell to join my blood kin.

When I arrived at the venue and I walked by the river I could see light codes descending all around me and I felt an advancement. So many synchronicities have happened during this White Wind wave spell and my dreams have been so very powerful as they often are, but I am getting answers at present.

Yesterday on the day of integration and the Gemini New Moon I took myself off to Rosslyn Chapel. It is so very powerful there, the energies coming from deep within the earth. When I entered the oldest part of the chapel, the old crypt, a high pitched ringing in my ears began that got louder and louder as I stood there. I went outside and back in and it began again. I don't really know what it was, but I felt something deeply expansive about that space.

Just wanted to share some of my truth from this White Wind wave spell.

Best wishes to all.

Bella Alvaran

Wow, thank you for your beautiful sharing, so amazing to know we are weaving a new time together, with people all over the world.



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