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Mark Your Diary - Special End of Mayan (Tzolkin) Cycle Live Call for all QPW Tribe & Announcement of New 13-day ‘Expedition'


Hi Everyone


We have lots of news to share here at QPW as we hurtle towards the end of this Mayan Cycle or Tzolkin. 


The New Tzolkin starts on July 8th with the Red Magnetic Dragon wavespell and will herald the start of a huge reset.


In this special live call for July 6th at Midday, CST, in Mexico we will be covering the following;


  • A Live 30-minute Quantum Compass presentation on the End/Beginning of this Tzolkin and major astrology of this period during 2nd half of 2024;

  • Blue Storm glyph for the year

  • The 13 Turtle Moon and the Day out of Time herald the start of a new lunar cycle

  • Preview of the first castle of this Tzolkin   -

  • How this relates to the Great Reset and where we are in the process of the Big Shift

  • Our Visions for this new Year include the anchoring of our overarching mission to review, repair, and recalibrate time as part of a much bigger galactic realignment    -

  • The Launch of a brand new 13-day global expedition - ‘The Path of the Jaguar & The Magic of Now’ which will start on July 21st - 2nd August with the wavepsell of the White Wizard

  • This interactive teaching journey will be launched on the 2nd of July with a special early bird ticket for just 6 days. More info is coming in the next Quantum Compass show.

  • This journey will be available to join online and on the ground here in Mexico as Davyd and Bella journey to Teotihuacan for the Day out of Time on July 26 while visiting and activating other important sites.

  • We will also be working with several plants; Vervain, Dandelion, and Oak   

  • The importance of the Red Dragon wavepsell - the first of the year and the plants we recommend working with during it, especially in preparation for the 13-day journey 

  • More info on the new home for plants on QPW - Quantum Plant Alchemy and the new plant essence video library that is being set up

  • Davyd will also be sharing a little more about his remarkable upward recovery using quantum technology, homeopathy, and plant medicines 

  • Time for Questions and answers, and sharing  

The link for this live call is - and it will also be recorded and shared in the groups to watch back in case you can’t join us.

Olca Huijsmans
Katelijne Deloof-sys
Davyd Farrell
Jul 03

Sorry I'll miss this call, but will be there in spirit!



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