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Thank you Davyd and Bella for the live call

It felt very expansive...

So much resonance with what was shared

Straight after, I went outside and made an essence with the Jupiter cazimi and Yarrow, under the star light...

To expand the gifts and expression of the throat chakra into New Earth

To find my voice, expression, and Coherence

What a week since the call...

I started officially working at the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre (Perth, WA) on Monday, and over the week so many videos have come to me about Water. A lovely confirmation of what I have been called to...

So much aligned with Red Moon... Initiating... Water... Flow (including our first, eagerly awaited rain, in many, many months <3) Moving from hiding my light to shining bright...

With all this going on, I have yet to start the new Galactic Atlas but I know it will happen with perfect synchronicity... <3

Much love to all



Jeanie Chan
Bella Alvaran
Eleanor McGavin
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
May 27

How wonderufl - A Yarrow/ Jupiter Cazimi essence Beth. Very useful I think to work with on the White Wind wavespell. We went with Sage this time but Yarrow was a good fit too!



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