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So we’re coming up at the wave spell of the white wind, the wave spell of truth, of communication, of inspiration  and spirit, and the breath as fuel of life if I remember correctly. How timely indeed that we’ve just reached Gemini season, at the same time that Jupiter enters the sign for a year. It’s very clear that the mayan time correlates so well to astrology, collectively as well as personally.

It is also ”my” wave spell; my galactic birthday is coming up on the 31, as the blue lunar night.

I’m a cancer sun with my moon and ascendant in Sagittarius. My north node and Chiron are conjunct in the early degrees of Gemini (which of course also means that my south node is in the early degrees of Sagittarius).

It’s quite intriguing to me that I ”just happened to” learn about the mayan time and magic just in time before my own galactic birthday, in a time when the general astrology is overlapping so much with the themes of this particular wave spell, while also correlating stupidly well with the themes of my own south and north nodes, often described in terms of past lives and future destiny. I can’t fault the timing.

I also happened to learn that my grandfather who died a year before I was born, was born in the same wavespell but on the day of the white solar dog. When I calculated his glyph on (which I find practical because you can see the glyph in the larger context of the wave spell and the castle, as well as bit of a historical context) I also saw that the Gregorian calendar had been adopted on October 15 in 1582, during the wavespell the wavespell of the white wind, and the day of the white solar dog. I don’t know what to make of that, but I find it very interesting.

I can also report that I had another dream where Davyd showed up (maybe this will turn into a weird little series?😅). No Bella this time. I was on a ship with lots of other people, and we were all working collectively to pay for the journey. No one had private quarters, we all rested on individual mattresses on the floor, and there were sheets hanging from above to give a semblance of walls, not really covering anyone, just interrupting the line of sight. I remember how the yellow sun light shone through them as they were moving in the wind.

I also distinctly remember the woman on the mattress next to mine. She wasn’t very impressed with me or my work, but was kind enough to give me some reluctant advice. With classical dream logic Davyd suddenly shows up out of nowhere, and I solemnly tell him how I don’t think I’ve ever been able to meditate without falling asleep or that I never knew whether I was asleep or meditating. Then he takes hold of both my feet in his hands and I promptly pass out and wake up.

Earlier this evening I was knitting when I was somehow reminded of the day when I calculated the glyphs for my grandfather and grandmother. I had been at the summer house and had texted this to my friend:

”I just swam in the little lake and as I was resting on my back I saw the most beautiful clouds right up above us, looking kind of like the feathers and quills of a wing. The entire cloud structure was shaped like the joints of a wing in flight. In the middle of it was a rainbow. I’m not sure I’ve seen a rainbow right up above before, especially on a hot sunny day.”

To which she answered:

”Sounds like a sun dog, they always make me think of my dad, he taught me about them and it seems every time I see them he’s near. That’s really special, especially with the wings.”

To which I had answered: ”I’ve never heard about sun dogs. :)”

The feathered cloud and rainbow had stayed on the sky for quite some time before it finally thinned out and dispersed. I looked at it for a long time, just appreciating the sheer beauty of it and then I put it aside as you do.

Tonight I just realised that I for the first time saw and learned about sun dogs on the same day I learned that my grandfather was a white solar dog. Can't fault the timing.

Bella Alvaran
Davyd Farrell

Beautiful share and amazing synchronicities!



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