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Hello everyone,

It has been interesting last 2 weeks, so a bit of retrospective for me.

I had hard time to get motivating into spending time in front of a screen while there is many jobs to do on the land.

And here is dear Universe knocking at my door. On Red Earth(14 of June) I was transplanting about 30 plants, self seeded of 3 different type of pumpkins.

When close to finish after a long day, I push some straw to dig a hole, to find out, a huge nest of ants, at ready to defend and attack. Result got bitten by about 10 ants, top of my hand red burned, pockets of lymph, and swallowing which went for 3 days, so forced to slow down and be indoors.

Which I finally did and started chapter 1, I love synchronicity, as the plant for this one was Santa Maria, Chanvre in French, which help with inflammation, and yes I needed him to support me, also had lots of compress with plantain, and cooling gel of aloe Vera, so grateful of our plants Allie’s🙏.

The following week was my Mayan glyph, Red Dragon, and I am doing more research of my friend and mum to find out their glyph, to find that more people are interested 🥰.

Week of Summer solstice and 🍓 Full moon, there has been many synchronicity, and my red dragon has played some part during the summer solstice.

Talking about Solstice celebration, I was introduced to Latvian summer celebration with a friend years ago, where we will together make flowers crown for women and leaves crown for men. We used to rise before the sun and go for a swim watching the sun rising, then eat cheese and share drinks and food, i believe in her country there is more like dancing around fire and jumping over, celebrating for the crop to come.

This year, I have made elderflower mead which we have enjoyed on the day, more of a raining day this year.

Just been listening to next glyph Yellow ✨, so many interesting things, again synchronicity with time needs some repairing, I was listening to a podcast with Mathias de Stéphano who is also involved in it. I so agree with you Bella, we as women have so much connection to our planet, natural cycle with the moon, intuitions, nurturing….

I have just received a book which I think is aligned with all, also talking about time, Mayan calendar, I Ching, astrology, Called The lost Octave, just started very interesting synchronicity again☺️

Regarding the breath, I so agree too, breathing slowly and from your belly is an approach to better health and live healthier longer. I think one method is called coherent breathing, breath in for count of 4 and out for 4, for 20 min.

Happy ⭐️Cosmic moon, much blessings to all✨🍓💕🙏


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Thank you for sharing Sandrine, amazing synchronicities! Let's keep on weaving all together...



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