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A Navigation Guide to Quantum Consciousness

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Chapter 4,

Number 4 along with season, direction and elements is for me, the female archetypes :

  • The Maiden, Spring, East, Air

  • The Mother, Summer, South, Fire

  • The Wise woman, Autumn, West, Water

  • The Elder, Winter, North, Earth

When Bella mentioned about weaving energy into something, it reminded me when I birthed, with a very talented creative lady in Glastonbury, my drum.

With each step, she asked to reflect on my childhood dreams and weave that as I twisted the leather around metal circle. Then as I hammered wholes into the skin, what I wanted to bring into my life, each step was an added layer, it was a fulfilling experience 🙏

I am using a sort of vision board with direction and all the qualities to set things🦬🦅🐋🐻 for my journey.

I like the idea of the altar, which also align for me with our connection to all that is, and the time of celebration of equinox, Full Moon, changing of season….

May the 4th be with all of you😉

Frances K

This is beautiful, thank you for the share, you just gave me an idea for my own setting of intentions<3



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