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A Navigation Guide to Quantum Consciousness

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I wanted to share that I have been working the 13 day wavespell of the Red Moon since watching Bella and Davys on youtube and I purchased the first of the ANGTQC (i loved it) and it has been insane how what I asked for in this round was a Spirit Guide and she has shown up in a strong way. I am a Blue Galactic Night, I took Bella's Mayan Time and Magic course and had a reading with her and my galactic signature was activated. Plus that powerful Sun Mars cnj in Scorpio back in November began a journey for me in my 12th house and near my unaspected Uranus (my planetary ruler to boot).... so it was all meant for me to take that course, get a reading from Bella and re-member about my association with Mugwort. After watching the first chapter, I asked her if she would be my guide for what I want to birth in my life, an actual Conscious Dreamer. Like, I want this to be the work i do in this world. This is what I will be working on and I intend to bring into fruition with the ANGTQC journey. Anyway, so Mugwort stepped up! It has been amazing, she is now activated in my codex. She has led me to her in my little patch of woods behind my house, the only patch! And in a pot that is outside my porch nothing was in it. the past few weeks something started growing and I could not believe when I took notice yesterday to find Mugwort there! There she is! It was amazing and I could have cried. If I said this in another group, or my friends, people would think something was wrong with me. But I know I can share that here and you all would get it! You would understand the significance. Thank you Bella. Thank you Davyd. Thank you community for letting me share this. As I write it, it makes it more real for me. Solidifies it. About to watch the next Quantum Compass, cant wait!

Davyd Farrell
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Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
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Aww - I love that Brooke. Mugwort is a very old friend of mine and has been a major spirit guide and protector of mine for over a decade now. She is an excellent teacher about many things and is also great for taking Eagle's perch perspective on things. So happy to hear that the activations are really kicking in and helping you to navigate your life in a new way.

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