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A Navigation Guide to Quantum Consciousness

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I just want to extend my sincere gratitude to Bella and Davyd with this course. I feel like I am walking down a path and there are stones that are holding the path, showing me the way of this path, so instead of the path veering in too many directions, there is some stability. The more I am with this group, the more I have faith that what I want to bring forth into this world isnt so fantastical and I can do it. It can be me to facilitate the service I feel that is mine to do. Chapter 4 has me in journaling mood. Reflection and looking into the form of this Service. Co-creating to begin the foundation of what i am birthing into existence. With magical practicality, lol Perfect! thank you<3

Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
28 de jun.

Thank you for the share Brooke and kind words. As we walk the ancestral timelines of the Mayans we start to find more coherency and thus hopefully stability in many things not least of all ourselves.

Many of us here now in these journeys and doing this work have been put through our paces over the last 2 years and its really inspiring to see how everyone is stepping up at this time and committing to the personal changes. Its not always easy but here on QPW we have brothers and sisters who have walked side by side with us and are still here. The shares from people are just amazing and yes its the time for magical beginnings and creations :-)



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