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A Navigation Guide to Quantum Consciousness

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I have to laugh at the coherence of the Navigation Guide chapter two on challenge/duality/polarity and what took place in my life these past 13 days. I am going through a tremendous amount of change (Pluto sitting on my Venus Cazimi activating my opposition to Mars, my t square to Chiron, my Yod with Cazimi at the apex and Saturn/Moon cnj Jupiter at the helm, not to mention Libra/Aries Nodes) and I found myself challenged with myself! (did that make sense, lol) Back and forth, back and forth. I really appreciated all the tools that were presented and the amazing insight that you both offer. So very valuable. Looking forward to tomorrows release of chapter 3!

Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Davyd Farrell
Jun 11

Those of working in the NOW with this material as its channeled and unfolded are realising that we are creating our own cuboid of New Earth and that we can actually change reality with it. Every day I am blown away at how powerful this all is and really deeply understanding that we did land on the shores of New Earth with the Jupiter Cazimi and we are all taking our first tentative steps in this beautiful new world but in doing so also having to let go big time of all those 'things' that have been keeping us tied to the old paradigm.

The collective still has to go through a big process to catch up and so in the meantime those of us who are consciously aware of where we are and what has happened are holding the space for the others to follow us into.

The energies of NOW in the collective are huge. I see collapse and implosion of the old everywhere - and yet somehow hidden from the eyes of the masses. Its quite the trip really.



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