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Hello and thank you!

My journey has been a strange one from the beginning. I was born into an intensity that nearly ended in taking my life on several occasions. But there was something inside that was different.

Love was in there somewhere.

I spent the remainder of my life seeking answers to what I felt inside in spite of my surroundings. Seeking with trouble finding.

As I started my 50's I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. I was no longer able to work or function properly in society.

My Dark night of the soul began.

I'm very proud to say that I found me on the other side and I am free!

Thank you to you and the community for getting this information to the people so we can all heal. The Love that is shown and explained by all involved has helped me understand the deeper meanings of feelings I couldn't understand or explain.

I am overjoyed to know of Quantum Healing and ready willing and able to continue being a beacon of Love for our Creator Mother and Father.

Anxiously waiting for my turn to detox,

Much Love,


Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

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