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Quantum Planet Tribe

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Hello Tribe

I am so glad to have finally FOUND You ALL!

I am still absorbing all that I GLEANED and LEARNED from the Red SkyWalker WaveSpell Immersion. I don't yet have the funds to sign up for another course, or for annual membership, tho' that's the plan when I do!

'As a starting point though - we'd love you all to share any interesting projects, concepts, teaching modalities that you think fit the New Earth/Quantum profile.'

This video (re-edit of a video I recorded Feb 2022) I am sharing in response this invite above (from below) ... In this video I explain and show my heartwork / lightwork for the quantum soul and New Earth... and feel it qualifies as a fit for the New Earth/Quantum profile.' 😉✨ with Love from my heart's Light to Yours



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